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Pysanka by Adriana | Pysanky | Pisanki | Ukrainian Decorated Eggs | Easter Eggs | Decorated Eggshells
Ribbons, belts encircling the egg with no beginning or end. Leaves
Eternity Life, Growth
Water Flowers
Protection, Health Beauty & Humility
Dots, circles, petals (Mary's tears) Pine needles
Love Youth, Strength, Health
Diamonds Grapes/Vines
Knowledge Growth of the Christian church
Net Wheat
Christ the "Fisher of Men" Health and harvest
Basket Birds
Bread basket fertility and the fulfillment of wishes
Triangles Butterflies/Insects
Trinities (Holy Trinity; fire, air, and water) symbol of the Resurrection
Ladders Deer/Horses
Prayer, steps to Heaven Wealth, prosperity
Stars Rams (horns)
once represented pagan god Altar, now stands for Christ and love Wealth, prosperity, protection
Cross Wolves teeth
in any form is Christianity, once stood for 4 corners of the earth Protection
Swirls/Snakes Fish
Protection from evil Christ
WHITE purity BLACK reverance
YELLOW wealth, prosperity BROWN mother earth
GREEN growth power of plants PINK success
ORANGE power, endurance PURPLE mental strength
RED love, life, happiness BLUE good health